7 Jul 2022

Silkeborg IF opts for Greenfields MX Ultimate - JYSK Park Stadium

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Silkeborg IF was looking for a durable and environmentally friendly artificial turf with a long lifespan, an artificial turf system specially developed for top-level football, able to meet all FIFA's speed and other requirements. The choice fell on MX Ultimate, the very best that GreenFields currently has to offer.

GreenFields MX Ultimate installed at JYSK Park Stadium, Denmark - Home of Silkeborg IF.

The new turf pitch at JYSK Park is fully installed and ready for use. The new fast pitch was fully FIFA approved on 30 June 2022.

 "It's a nice carpet, but fast, the players could tell. It needs to be played to", as head coach Kent Nielsen put it.

About the club

Silkeborg IF is a Danish football club founded in 1917 and one of the oldest professional clubs in Denmark. The club has a rich history and during the 20th century it has risen to the very top of Danish football. The glory days began in the 1990s when the club won their first national championship. Later in 2001 they won the Danish Cup.

After a brief detour into the first division, the club invested again to return to the top of Danish football. Now they are back in the absolute top and ready to conquer Europe. A deserved result of the excellent youth training that has definitely benefited the first team.

Silkeborg IF is qualified for the Europe League and needed to invest in a new, FIFA approved, artificial turf pitch. Silkeborg IF looked for a supplier who could deliver the best product on the market. A product that not only meets all FIFA requirements, but a turf that suits the level at which Silkeborg now plays as well. 

Silkeborg as a town presents itself as the outdoor capital of Denmark. They have a strong vision on sustainability and environmental friendliness. Therefore, the performance infill from the old stadium pitch was removed to be reused in the new stadium pitch. The old stadium pitch has also been reused by reinstalling it on a training pitch together with existing stabilising infill.

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The pitch was installed by Winther Sport & Fritid, part of Winther Gruppen. They have more than 20 years of experience in artificial turf systems with focus on partial and total solutions within sport and leisure. They are competent, experienced and well trained and they always focus on providing solutions of the highest quality.

About MX Ultimate

We started developing as soon as the discussion about natural and synthetic turf in professional football arose. For GreenFields it was the perfect moment to combine all the knowledge, experience and materials in our organisation for the development of a top-quality synthetic turf pitch.

The synthetic turf is woven rather than tufted, which means that the yarnbind of the pilefibres to the backing is much stronger and the fibres stay upright. This makes the ball roll very predictable. Next we looked at the artificial grass yarns. In recent years, there has been a trend from thin to thick yarns. MX Ultimate, on the other hand, has thin, finer yarns, but there are more of them per square metre. Due to the high density of the artificial grass carpet, forces are spread more evenly, which increases durability and ensures maximum comfort for the player. In addition, the ball rolls more 'in' the grass than on top of it.

A textured yarn was deliberately added to the composition of the various artificial grass yarns. This is at the bottom of the system. The infill is actually 'locked in'. This prevents the infill from splashing during slidings and ball bounces. The high fibre weight per square metre compared to a traditional artificial grass pitch in combination with the use of texturized yarns therefore prevents the migration of infill, allowing the playing characteristics of the pitch to remain consistent. The MX Ultimate also has a minimal amount of special coating, making it a 100 percent polyolefin polymer based carpet. This allows the artificial grass to be recycled at the end of its useful life into a pure plastic raw material for new high-quality applications. The combination of all components makes GreenFields MX Ultimate the ultimate artificial grass pitch. It doesn't get any better than this.

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