26 Aug 2020

GreenFields woven pitch at Moses Brown School / Campanella Field

Our American sister company GeoSurfaces Northeast, installed a GreenFields woven pitch at the Moses Brown school (USA). Founded in 1784, the school has a proven tradition of academic excellence, a commitment to great teaching, and a dedication to fostering character and confidence in young people.

The school has a stunning 33-acre campus -formerly the farm of 18th-century Quaker abolitionist leader Moses Brown- which provides expansive academic, artistic, and athletic facilities in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Moses Brown had the first synthetic turf field in the United States, even predating the installation of Astro Turf at the Astro Dome where the product got its name. The school was also an early adopter of the longer pile system that was developed in the early 2000s.

Continuing their mission of early adoption, in July 2020 they jumped on board with the newest innovation in synthetic turf by selecting GreenFields woven IRONTURF (known as GreenFields MX in Europe and Asia) on a Schmitz ProPlay 23D pad. This product has been carefully chosen to cover the 78,317 sq. ft. playing area at Campanella Field which is home to Moses Brown’s Football, Soccer, Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Lacrosse, and Field Hockey teams. With a quarter-mile track, long-jump pit, and high-jump area, it’s also an ideal training ground for track-and-field athletes.

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