4 Jan 2021

Three GreenFields pitches for Universidad Laboral de Gijón in Spain

The sports campus is facilitated with a hockey, rugby, and football pitch

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Our Spanish sister company OPSA recently installed three new sports pitches at the Universidad Laboral de Gijón, a university complex that is protected with the qualification of “Cultural Interest” by the Spanish Government.

The Spanish university opted for a TX Pro EL15 hockey pitch, an Evolution Pro rugby pitch and an Evolution Pro football pitch. These systems were chosen to respond to the high usage levels of the students, along with the high competition levels of some of the teams playing on the fields.

The fields were designed by the architects of the Parks and Gardens Department of the Municipality of Gijón with the aim of a minimum visual impact on the existing complex, that has a Cultural Legacy protection by the government.

The rugby field is the first field in Spain certified as category Ib by the Royal Spanish Rugby Federation and can host international games. Furthermore, the rugby field is WR certified. The football pitch is FIFA qualified.

About GreenFields Evolution Pro: GreenFields Evolution Pro is designed to offer great value for money. Our Evolution Pro pitches combine the benefits of wear resistance with a natural looking appearance. The unique fibre shape of the Evolution Pro results in great resilience, making it a durable product for high utilisation pitches.

About GreenFields TX Pro: GreenFields TX Pro has been developed for super fast, modern hockey. It offers a stable surface thanks to the excellent distribution of fibres. In addition, the high density of the artificial turf offers an optimal grip.

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