15 Apr 2021

Football club ASC future-ready with two ECO-range MF Elite pitches

The new, low pile fields reduce infill splash with 93%

Earlier this year, the Ajax Sportman Combinatie (ASC) club from Oegstgeest in the Netherlands got the go-ahead to install two synthetic turf pitches. The club desired sustainable pitches and opted for a renowned system within the GreenFields ECO-range: Greenfields MF Elite with cork infill. The system is classified with an A-label: the monofilament fibres are extremely wear-resistant and the fibrillated tape fibres ensure that infill stays in place, which reduces infill splash with an impressive 93%, compared to a traditional 60 mm turf system.


The club opted for two GreenFields MF Elite pitches because they required durable, sustainable pitches that are suitable for high usage and need minimal maintenance. The installed GreenFields MF Elite pitches have a low pile height and innovative fibre combinations that retain the natural cork infill in the pitch very efficiently. This reduces dispersion into the environment significantly, eliminating unwanted infill migration and infill splash.

The club previously had three natural grass pitches and one hybrid pitch. With 1,100 members and 70 teams, however, the club did not have enough capacity with these fields to offer all members a good quality pitch; the fields were overused. A natural grass pitch can handle 300 playing hours per year: with 70 teams that train for an average of 2 hours a week, the club uses the fields for 140 hours a week. Additionally, the weekly home games increase the load even more and the pitches are exhausted within just a few weeks. 

About GreenFields MF Elite
GreenFields MF Elite combines the benefits of monofilament and tape fibre technologies to create a super-wear resistant pitch with natural playability, providing natural ball play and grip for the player. The high-density pile of GreenFields MF Elite reduces infill splash with an astonishing 93%, compared to a D-label turf system, and provides athletes with an enhanced playing experience. The tape will go flat and due to the fibrillation, it will cover and contain the infill. This results in less infill displacement and minimal maintenance needs.

Installation of the artificial football pitch

Drone photo taken during the installation of the two synthetic football pitches at ASC Oegstgeest, the Netherlands. The turf was installed by our sister company CSC Sport. 

GreenFields MF Elite product sheet

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