23 Jun 2022

Sportex Group receives Certified Installer certificate for GreenFields MX artificial turf systems

We are very pleased to announce that Sportex has received the Certified Installer certificate for GreenFields MX artificial turf systems.

Sportex and GreenFields joined forces in 2018 and have since then developed a successful track record of high profile synthetic turf installations. Sportex is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports facility companies specialising in the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of external sports facilities.

With over 50 years’ experience Sportex has successfully delivered first class facilities across a range of sporting disciplines including football, rugby, hockey, athletics, tennis and multi-use participation. Since the inception in 2005, they have worked with clients in an array of key markets including local government, independent schools, universities, professional and regional sports clubs, prison service and the Ministry of Defence to provide facilities that are designed and installed in accordance with SAPCA (Sport and Play Construction Association) and Sport Scotland and England guidelines.

On the left, Scott van der Kleij (Sales Manager, GreenFields) and on the right Luke McGeechan (Group Commercial Director, Sportex) with the Certified Installer certificate.

GreenFields MX artificial turf systems

The Greenfields MX product range consists of MX Elite (2015), MX NF (2018), MX Ultimate (2020).

MX Elite was developed in 2015 with performance and durability in mind. The patented weaving technology resulted in an extremely high tuft bind, making the fibres even straighter.

2017 has also brought with it new FIFA quality standards for synthetic surfaces, which in themselves were more difficult to achieve, but which all GreenFields MX products effortlessly succeed in.

Following increasing demand for sustainable football pitches, MX Elite's production technology was used in 2018 to develop MX NF, the first sustainable and high performance woven non-infill system. GreenFields MX NF is unique due to its weaving technology and composition of pile and root zone artificial grass yarns and therefore meets the highest set sport technical standards without the application of infill.

We then took a close look at the artificial grass yarns and developed the MX Ultimate in 2020 for maximum comfort and durability. In recent years, there has been a trend from thin to thick yarns. MX Ultimate, on the other hand, has thin, finer yarns, but there are more of them per square metre. Due to the high density of the artificial grass carpet, the forces are distributed more evenly, which increases durability and provides the player with maximum comfort. Moreover, the ball rolls more "in" the grass than on top of it.

A textured yarn is deliberately added to the composition of the various artificial grass yarns. This is at the bottom of the system. The infill is actually "locked in" to it. This prevents the infill from splashing during slides and ball bounces. The high fibre weight per square metre in comparison to a traditional artificial grass pitch in combination with the use of textured yarns therefore prevents the migration of infill, ensuring the playing characteristics of the pitch remain consistent.

GreenFields MX Elite >
A high-tech woven system offering the very best performance characteristics for both amateur and professional players through fiber combinations.

GreenFields MX NF >
Engineered to match the performance of good quality natural turf. The pile consists of resilient but soft to the touch pile yarns in two different shapes combined with a voluminous air texturized thatch layer replacing the performance infill.

GreenFields MX Ultimate > 
A high-quality woven low filled product for top class venues to offer the best in performance, aesthetics and durability. The fibres used in this truly unique premium product stand even straighter and closely resemble natural grass.

Sportex Group has already successfully completed several projects by installing a GreenFields MX artificial turf system.

Livingston Football Club join professional trend and swap from natural turf to Greenfield’s MX Elite 50.

SportScotland ask Sportex to convert old water-based pitch into a World Rugby synthetic turf facility.

Other Sportex' projects

SportScotland ask Sportex to convert old water-based pitch into a World Rugby synthetic turf facility.

Showcase Broadwood Stadium choose Sportex for complete refurb of 10,000 m2 pitch.
Broadwood Stadium 

With Sportex as MX certified installer, GreenFields is confident that many perfect pitches will be realised for players in the UK. As a Sportex client confirms:

"The football club and in particular the playing staff, are delighted with the completed new surface and how SPORTEX planned and delivered the project within exceptionally tight timescales.”

( J. Ward - Club director, Livingston Football Club)

A benefits overview of the GreenFields MX product range:

  • Woven technology ensures maximum yarn bind;
  • Fibres are soft and more resilient for a perfect playing performance;
  • Equal yarn spacing avoids compaction and ensures natural, consistent ball roll;
  • Natural look due to the mix of three fibres and therefore three tones of green;
  • 100% recyclable into high-end applications and/or recycled turf agglomerate 

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