4 May 2021

A+ label for sustainability

Non-infill MX NF on Ecocept performance layer at Dutch football club vv Barneveld

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This spring, an artificial turf pitch with an ECO-range A+ label -the highest achievable sustainability score- was installed in Barneveld, the Netherlands. The sustainable synthetic turf system, a woven non-infill GreenFields MX NF pitch, was installed on a recycled Ecocept base layer. The sustainable system was installed by our sister company CSC Sport.

Sportpark 't Nieuwe Oost, home to vv Barneveld football club, needed to renovate their old SBR-filled youth pitch, which was in use since 2007. After fourteen years of matches and training sessions, the pitch was worn out. The municipality of Barneveld used this opportunity to set up a pilot with a non-infill turf. The GreenFields MX NF woven pitch will be used for multiple purposes: the field contains foldable goals that can easily be removed. Additionally, the pitch will be used for korfball and field handball. The pitch is 40x20 metres, with a 2-metre extension, and has sports hall lines. Because of its multipurpose properties, the field will be used a lot: by the youth, but also as a training field for the seniors.

The woven MX NF non infill pitch, in combination with the Ecocept base layer that consists of 87% recycled material, is the ultimate synthetic turf system in terms of sustainability. The 25 mm Ecocept layer consists of RTA granules (Recycled Turf Agglomerate), which are mixed with recycled SBR rubber and bound with PU. The Ecocept lasts at least two synthetic turf lifecycles, and the sport technical qualities remain consistent. The hard RTA pellet has constructive properties: the compressive and tensile strength are retained much better. 

The GreenFields MX NF pitch is installed directly onto the Ecocept layer. At the sides, the field is clamped with 2-metre-long synthetic strips, composed of recycled synthetic turf. Because of the clamping, the pressure is distributed across the field and no weeds can grow there. The artificial turf is 100% non-infill and will not be filled with sand.

Early 2021, the MX NF composition was enhanced: because of its C-shape, the Evolution fibre was added. In combination with the Diamond fibre, it gives the pitch the best look and feel. Furthermore, the grip on the pitch is improved because there is more stretch in the fibres.

GBN Artificial Grass Recycling have recycled the old artificial turf in Barneveld. They also supplied the materials for the Ecocept. At the end of its lifetime, the Ecocept layer is completely recyclable by GBN-AGR. Another advantage is that the GreenFields MX NF pitch can be recycled as a whole. The artificial turf does not have a latex backing and is glued together using a special technique: the rolls were melted together. This will make the process of recycling easier for GBN-AGR.

All this makes this pitch incredibly sustainable: no infill is used, processing is circular, the material is easy to recycle, and a lot of recycled material was used during the construction of the pitch. If this pitch needs to be disposed in ten- or twelve-years’ time, it can be recycled into a single raw material. 


The GreenFields ECO-range is a range of artificial turf systems designed with a strong focus on sustainability and durable performance. The systems are labelled via an innovative and robust classification system to illustrate the eco-credentials of each system. The sustainability classification has been developed, tested, and evaluated with the support of the new Centre for Turf Innovation by TenCate Grass.  


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