1 Jun 2021

Virtual meet & greet with one of our GreenFields experts

With: Rob Craven – GreenFields QC Manager / Global technical support for TenCate Grass turf production and QC


GreenFields is proud to have Rob Craven in the team. Rob has almost 30 years’ experience in the sports grass industry and gained experience in every part of the process which delivers completed turf projects to end users. Rob is closely involved in the development of synthetic turf. Currently, he manages all QC functions for GreenFields and ensures that the total Quality Management System is followed, according to ISO 9001.

Rob: “On a daily basis, I co-operate with GreenFields staff, suppliers, customers and end users in all parts of the world, to ensure that quality standards are met, and quality issues are being solved. Furthermore, I work with test institutes, sport governing bodies and colleagues at the TenCate Grass Centre for Turf Innovation (CTI) to test existing turf systems and develop new turf systems. I share my knowledge by writing product advisories, technical manuals, maintenance documents and I provide information and training for GreenFields colleagues.”

Rob is closely involved in projects to make the turf industry more environmental responsible and sustainable, and he was the inventor of our renowned Ecocept, a high performing base layer composed of recycled turf. Currently, Rob is further developing and expanding the possibilities of turf recycling. 

Rob: “I love to be a part of the TenCate Grass family. In all those years I have never met a colleague who does not care about their job, company, or the industry. My colleagues all have a real passion for the work and care deeply about creating the right outcomes. One of the greatest things about this industry is that you learn something new every day from the people around you and from the problems and solutions we find.”

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