9 Feb 2023

Cruyff Court Tema Meridian Ghana installed

GreenFields Slide Max Pro NF brings a lot of joy!

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What a joy in Ghana last week! Cruyff Court Tema Meridian was officially opened.

The festive opening involved traditional prayers and a football match between children from nearby schools. This is just the start of what this Cruyff Court will bring the local community; a safe space to play, have fun, make friends and grow through sports.

The Cruyff Court, a GreenFields Slide Max Pro NF pitch, is a tufted non-infill pitch that, thanks to the unique design of the TenCate Monoslide XQ fibres, ensures long-lasting consistent play performance, optimized rotational friction, and no slide when the foot lands. 

Ghana Educational Services estimates that approximately 6,038 children will benefit from this project. 16 locals also graduated today, receiving the Cruyff Foundation coach diploma. They will organise sports events on the Cruyff Court from now on- just like Johan Cruyff imagined it.

Since 2003, the Johan Cruyff Foundation has a partnership with our parent company TenCate Grass and supports and develops sports activities for children around the world by giving them a space where they can develop, make friends and improve their physical and mental health. In short; space to get the best out of themselves. GreenFields strives a similar goal; to enable everyone to play sport at the best possible pitch every day, everywhere: A perfect pitch for every player.

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