10 Jan 2024

GreenFields finishes Lay's RePlay project in Naples Italy

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Building football fields all over the world where boys and girls can play football and have fun in a safe environment. That is the goal of UEFA Foundation for Children, Common Goal, Lay's RePlay (an initiative of PepsiCo) and GreenFields.

Together, sustainable football pitches are constructed and the most recent one is located in Naples, Italy. GreenFields MX NF and the Ecocept™ base layer were successfully installed. The completion of the new sustainable pitch, with a base made using recycled Lay's bags of crisp packets, was the perfect way to celebrate sport, inclusion and sustainability, and supports the recent development of the city's Scampia neighbourhood.   


"that sustainability plays a major role in the construction of a Lay’s RePlay artificial grass pitch? In cooperation with us, empty Lay's chip packs were collected from local waste and recycling companies. These chip packs were given a second life by being shredded and recycled into pallets to become part of the Ecocept™ base layer"


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Video by UEFA Foundation for Children - Scampia neighbourhood, Naples, Italy.


The turf on the pitch, GreenFields MX NF, offers a real-feel player experience together with realistic ball responses. Patented woven technology causes the highly resilient fibres to continue to stand straight up even after repeated compression providing dependable natural ball behaviour. The non-infill turf pitch was developed to be durable, low maintenance. It ensures that the local people will enjoy years of footballing fun!

About GreenFields MX NF 

Engineered to match the performance of good quality natural turf. The pile consists of resilient but soft to the touch pile yarns in two different shapes combined with a voluminous air texturized thatch layer replacing the performance infill. The three tones of green and random weaving pattern result in an even yarn spread over the surface for a natural look and consistent performance in all directions.


About Ecocept™ base layer

The Ecocept Performance Sports Base is made of recycled plastics, recycled rubber and a binder material. For each full-size pitch installation, it can divert up to 140 tonnes from landfill. Moreover, an end-of-life synthetic turf can now be recycled into a base for a new artificial grass pitch. For Lay's RePlay pitches recycled Lay's bags of crisp packets are used as well.



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