24 Jan 2024


GreenFields MX NF and Ecocept were successfully installed in Brazil

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The Johan Cruyff Foundation recently celebrated the opening of the 300th Cruyff Court in the world with the opening of the Cruyff Court Pelé in Santos, Brazil. The new facility will make a significant impact in Dique da Vila Gilda, a socially vulnerable neighborhood in Santos. The opening event was a festive and enthusiastic celebration of the favela that saw local kids take part in a football match.

Santos FC has been an iconic team in Brazil and is known for producing some of the greatest players of the game. Santos was selected as the location for the newest Cruyff Court, a joint effort by the Cruyff Foundation, the UEFA Foundation for Children, and the Pelé Foundation. The GreenFields MX NF and Ecocept court will serve children and youth from nearby neighbourhoods who lack socio-educational opportunities in the largest stilt community in Latin America.

Cruyff Court Pelé - 300th Cruyff Court Worldwide

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Video source: Cruyff Foundation

'Both Johan and Pelé learned all about the game on the streets, which will serve as a huge inspiration to the local children who use the facility in the future. Johan Cruyff believed in the considerable power of sport and its influence on the development of children and young people.'


About GreenFields MX NF 

Engineered to match the performance of good quality natural turf. The pile consists of resilient but soft to the touch pile yarns in two different shapes combined with a voluminous air texturized thatch layer replacing the performance infill. The three tones of green and random weaving pattern result in an even yarn spread over the surface for a natural look and consistent performance in all directions.



About Ecocept™ base layer

The Ecocept Performance Sports Base is made of recycled plastics, recycled rubber and a binder material. For each full-size pitch installation, it can divert up to 140 tonnes from landfill. Moreover, an end-of-life synthetic turf can now be recycled into a base for a new artificial grass pitch. 


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