24 Apr 2014

University of Colorado Springs - Turf field at campus

Colorado Springs (UCCS)

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) has made a huge leap in Green Sports Technology and Greenfields was in at the ground floor. Ever eager to help any industry or institution go as green as possible, Greenfields partnered with Mortenson Construction and Academy Sports Turf to help make an architectural dream a solid reality. The University decided to maximize the space they had available and create a sustainable center for university and community use.

The project was announced in 2013 and UCCS Chancellor Pamela Shockley-Zalabak outlined the plan to construct a four-story parking garage, which would feature a rooftop rugby/soccer field. The project is part of an ongoing effort by UCCS to cut down on the use of state funds and rely on investors and business partners to foster growth at the university. The campus also features other usable environments for students and the community including a senior community health clinic, recreation center and a multi-purpose sports complex.


Putting in the turf field on top of a four level parking garage has been a tremendous addition to our campus recreation programs. Students enjoy the way the turf plays and appreciate the impact protection that it provides

Matt Gaden, Associate Director, Facilities and Operations.

Dubbed the Alpine Garage and Field, the new structure was completed and opened in August of last year and features the sports field on its highest level.  Mortenson Construction was signed on early in November of 2012 to construct the garage and field and Academy Sports Turf came onboard to solve the grass issue for the field. Deciding on the turf they wanted, they brought the specifications to Greenfields and the deal was sealed.

The fifth floor rooftop houses two open-air sport fields and both use a monofilament system installed over shock pads and cast-in-place concrete. Knowing that Greenfields is on the cutting edge of the turf industry, they were chosen to supply the grass that the students will use for practice and intramural sports. The open-air fields are ringed with safety nets to keep balls from falling off the rooftop.

Gaden is excited about the field saying, “It has provided us a location for drop in recreation, as well as structured programs like intramurals and club sports that was a significant need on our campus”. Greenfields is proud to partner with Mortenson Construction and Academy Sports Turf to help UCCS create such a valuable green space that will serve not only the university but the community at large as well.

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