26 Oct 2020

Evolution Pro and PE for Vedersø Efterskole

Denmark, Vedersø

At the central west coast of Denmark, Vedersø Efterskole (a sport-boarding school) is located. The school is focused on sports, exercise, and a healthy environment for young people. It aspires to provide the best football facilities in the western part of Denmark. To achieve this goal, our partner Winther Gruppen recently equipped the school with a GreenFields Evolution Pro football pitch and a Goal Station: the ultimate training system.

“We already have a strong football profile, but we continue to improve and give football the best conditions here in Vedersø. The new artificial turf pitch with Goal-Station is a major upgrade of our football setup. It gives us better opportunities to play a lot of football and work seriously all year round.  That is why we invest in artificial turf; it is what the young generation grew up with, and what they are demanding. We upgraded on both the coaching front and the amount of training one can get, so we can match the young people's wishes and there is room for everyone to practice.”

Principal Kim Skouborg  

Throughout the year, the school participates in various league and after-school tournaments. With a strong Football profile and the drive to have the best artificial football field in the western part of Denmark, the management chose a top-quality product from GreenFields, so they can train and have the best experience all year round. 

GreenFields Evolution Pro fields combine the benefits of incredible wear resistance with a natural looking appearance, so it plays well and looks great for years to come. Evolution Pro pitches offer the best in class performance with outstanding playability and extreme resilience for high utilisation pitches. 

Next to the new football pitch and Goal Station, a multi-use- and basketball area were installed with GreenFields PE. GreenFields PE is based on advanced XT polymer technology and provide enhanced durability and an extremely long lifetime.

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