Non-Infill MUGA, perfect for multi use and community pitches

Multi Sports Pitches

Non infill turf is the next generation of artificial turf with a simplified system design. This new generation of turf, in some countries referred to as 4G turf, is developed to meet the increasing global interest in environmentally friendly but durable turf systems. The GreenFields non-infill pitches are engineered to match the performance of good quality natural turf, and have a performance thatch layer of high-density texturized yarns that replace the performance infill used in 3G systems.

The GreenFields non-infill systems are especially suitable for soccer, multi-use & community pitches.

4G Non-infill turf - A sustainable solution

All GreenFields NF (non-filled) systems are a part of the the A+ ECO-range. This means that they are the best available products in terms of sustainability and environmental benefits.

Discover our non-infill artificial grass products suited for multi sports below.

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The benefits of woven non-infill turf

GreenFields MX NF - our woven Non-Fill turf - is the next generation of turf developed for the athlete, with the athlete. MX NF closely resembles playing on natural turf and offers an unparalleled playing experience, allowing players to perform to the best of their abilities. GreenFields MX NF is our durable and sustainable turf for tomorrow! 

GreenFields A+ ECO-range

The GreenFields systems within our A+ ECO-range require no infill at all. The high-density texturized yarns replace the infill, making pitches easier to install and maintain. The systems in the A+ range are the best available products in terms of sustainability and environmental benefits.


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