Pitch Maintenance and Redevelopment Advice


GreenFields is specialized in the development, production, installation and maintenance of synthetic sports systems. We have worked with schools, colleges and universities in the UK for a number of years and are experienced in providing bespoke sports turf systems to meet each client’s needs.

We are offering our free no obligation artificial pitch survey to educational establishments to assist you to maximise the usage and life span of your current sports pitch. Following our review of your pitch we will provide a report detailing our advice on the repairs required if relevant, recommended maintenance as well as pitch replacement information if it is at the end of its life cycle.

Preventative Maintenance


The life span of the surface is directly related to the amount of use and the quality of the maintenance that takes place. Daily, weekly and monthly in-house maintenance should be undertaken as well as a more in-depth quarterly specialist maintenance visit. GreenFields can provide this crucial external maintenance which prevents long term problems with your pitch as well as extending the life cycle. This can include:

- Decompaction

Regular decompactions are essential for 3G pitches to ensure that the surface is even throughout with no hard areas. It is a more vigorous technique than standard daily maintenance and provides your pitch with the required lift it needs to perform at its optimum level.

- Power Sweeping

A build-up of contaminants and debris can often take place on artificial surfaces. Power sweeping combats this issue removing this build-up before long term problems arise.

- Drag Brushing

The infill with play can often move around an artificial pitch. Drag brushing evens out the surface again distributing the infill equally and supporting the turf fibres across the whole pitch.


It can sometimes be necessary to carry out repairs in order to extend the life cycle of your pitch. GreenFields are fully equipped to repair your sports pitch and can carry out services such as seam repairs, infill top ups, line remarking and more.

Pitch Replacement

Like everything in life, artificial pitches have a life span, typically this is approximately 10 years. If your pitch is at the end of its life cycle we can support and advise you through the different steps to acquiring a new synthetic pitch:

- Design

GreenFields can design your new sports pitch to meet your exact requirements.

- Funding Advice

Our many years working within the education industry has enabled us to develop in-depth knowledge into different funding streams and opportunities.

- Quotation

GreenFields can provide you with an in-depth quotation for all the elements you might need for your new sports pitch including features like floodlighting and fencing.

- Construction

Our experienced Project Managers will ensure the expert construction of your new sports pitch from the sub base up to the artificial surface itself.

- Performance Testing

On completion, we can arrange for your pitch to be tested by an accredited testing institute to ensure it complies with the required standard.

- Daily Maintenance

As well as scheduled quarterly maintenance we can advise and train your staff on the daily maintenance required for your new artificial pitch.

- Resurfacing Your Pitch at the End of its Life Cycle

GreenFields will maintain contact from completion to the end of your pitch’s life cycle. Once your pitch is ready to be replaced we can offer you exclusive loyalty discounts for remaining with us.

If you would like to book your free pitch survey please click here (link to survey) or contact us on 01204 699930 if you would like to speak to our experienced team.

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