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Durable and non-infill football pitch for ultimate performance and maximum player comfort

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Focus on sustainability, circularity, quality and ultimate performance.

GreenFields Pure PT has been developed to match the properties of a high-quality natural turf and provide ultimate performance. GreenFields Pure PT is a 100% non-infill product that offers high player comfort while also being extremely durable.

The turf, developed with unique fibre combinations, is soft to the touch without compromising player stability, ball roll, or grip.The combination of fibre density, shape, and length of the yarns guarantee an even more durable product with a long lifespan. The lower operating costs combined with the field’s minimal maintenance requirements results in a more environmentally sustainable turf.

This makes GreenFields Pure PT not only a game changer within football artificial turf but also a responsible choice towards the future.

Key Benefits

  • Non-infill game changer for top-level football
  • Unique yarn combinations for optimal player comfort
  • Total control for ultimate player performance
  • Extremely durable with minimal maintenance requirements

GreenFields Pure PT

" When designing the Pure PT system we focused on players based research using innovative testing methods to benchmark great quality natural grass. The unique insight we gathered provided the inspiration for the new product which is fundamentally different to any turf system currently on the market. The yarns where re-engineered using a bespoke formulation to optimise playing experience and mimic great quality grass."


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