Sand based hockey fields for a long lasting and strong solution

Hockey pitch

Sand-based hockey fields are ideal for multifunctional use. The fields meet all requirements for regular hockey sport and are affordable. GreenFields has an attractive solution that is suitable for both training and matches.

Sand-filled hockey fields

Sand-filled hockey fields are made of durable fibers that are held upright by the sand (infill) inside the mat. These are the most popular fields to date as well as the most flexible: they can be used for a number of different purposes.

This type of field satisfies all of the requirements for conventional field hockey. Generally speaking, installing this type of field offers the most economic advantages. The average lifespan of this type of field is approximately 13-15 years (when well maintained).

Semi-water fields

These fields have a denser fiber structure (.7-.8 in high), meaning that less sand is needed. Most semi-water fields are (briefly) sprayed with water prior to matches and training sessions. This gives the ball more speed and improves the overall quality of the game.

The average lifespan of this type of field is approximately 11-12 years (when well maintained).

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