Artificial sports pitch system design solutions

Pitch Construction

GreenFields maintains a strong dedication and commitment to developing and implementing groundbreaking technologies through our high quality artificial turf systems.

Through exhaustive testing, research and development coupled with strategic alliances, university studies, constant communication with our customers and international relations, GreenFields has an indispensable formula for always moving forward and constantly improving.


Filled Performance Systems

Well known in the industry as 3G systems for applications like soccer, rugby or multi-use. GreenFields offers a wide range of artificial turf products with sand & performance infill only, or with an elastic layer or shockpad, to build the perfect system for each application. 




Straight tufted turf

In different pile heights and stitch rates. With durable monofilament fibres to match the system design.


Multi-Fibre & Double Tuft

Premium tufted products with fibre or yarn combinations to add additional benefits to the system.


Woven turf

GreenFields MX Elite; the ultimate 3G product with exceptional performance and durability.

Hybrid turf

The best of two worlds: artificial reinforcement of natural grass for soccer, rugby, or other high wear applications where natural grass is preferred. A hybrid reinforcement can increase the playing hours up to three times.




Woven Hybrid Turf

Our XtraGrass product is a unique hybrid solution with unparalleled durability and performance, due to the woven structure with partly biodegradable backing and stripe coating.


Lay and Play

XtraGrass is very suitable to be used for sods farming to create a lay and play solution, farming to create a lay and play solution or exchange the pitch with sods from a nursery to keep the pitch in top condition.

Non-Filled Systems

The next generation of artificial turf with a simplified system design; the non-filled systems have a performance thatch layer of artificial turf fibres which replaces the performance infill. These systems are especially suitable for soccer, multi-use & community pitches.




Tufted Non-infill

Low pile tufted product with durable straight monofilament fibres and a performance thatch layer.


Woven Non-infill

The GreenFields MX NF, the ultimate non-infill solution, offering more durability, higher performance and a stunning pitch to play on.

Sand or Water Based Systems

For non-contact sports like hockey, tennis or multi-use, GreenFields offers a wide range of short pile densely tufted products to build extremely durable and low maintenance systems for high speed play and ultimate ball control.




Tufted fibrillated tape

Extremely durable short pile and sand dressed systems which are very low on maintenance.


Tufted texturized monofilament

The GreenFields TX product range, well appreciated by (semi) professional players for taking the game to a next level.

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