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Engineered to match the performance of good quality natural turf. The pile consists of resilient but soft to the touch pile yarns combined with a  voluminous air texturized thatch layer replacing the performance infill. The three shades of green in three different shapes result in a natural look and fresh appearance.

The optimized ratio between pile and thatch yarns in the Pro NF ensures a consistent playing performance in all directions, with enough support and grip for the player to show some skills. The absence of performance infill means no issues with infill splash or migration, no need for expensive infill top-ups or decompaction and a natural looking green surface. The carpet is at its end of life 100% recyclable into RTA to be re-used for multiple applications.

The GreenFields Pro NF is our latest tufted Non-Filled product to offer a true alternative to filled performance systems. It is the perfect product for amateur clubs that want to push the boundaries of a modern sustainable facility.

  • Great playability - natural behaviour
  • Natural look and feel in three shades of green
  • No intentionally added microplastics
  • Easier to install and maintain
  • 100% recyclable into RTA
  • Part of the GreenFields ECO-Range

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Download your free brochure here

GreenFields Pro NF

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