American sports such as baseball, softball and American football are becoming increasingly popular around the globe at both a professional level and within educational establishments. The growing requirement for schools and colleges is to provide students with facilities that can cater for as many sports as possible. GreenFields can provide synthetic turf solutions for a number of American sports, either for the specific purpose of the individual sport or to ensure a variety of sports can be played.

American Football pitch

Few sports can compare to the high impact on the playing field that American football has. Combined with bad weather conditions this can lead to uneven natural playing surfaces with an increased risk of injury. Our experts have carried out extensive research on the impact American football has on artificial turf and have developed new technologies designed to stand up to this extreme strength sport.

3G products suitable for American Football fields

Hybrid American Football Pitch

Offering the best of both worlds, our hybrid product- GreenFields XtraGrass provides a natural surface alternative for American Football clubs, offering increased strength and durability over typical natural grass pitches.

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Today’s artificial turf is more durable and resilient with the capability of standing up to the toughest athlete. This makes it the ideal playing surface for American football providing players with a safe, game enhancing, great looking surface for years to come.

Baseball / Softball field

In the USA, the playing surface for teams in the MLB (Major League Baseball) is unregulated, giving professional teams the choice between natural grass or artificial turf in their stadiums. Many teams have converted their grass pitch to an artificial baseball field at the request of their players. The technological advances in synthetic turf over the years have made it an ideal playing surface for these sports with the extra benefits of a more durable, low maintenance baseball or softball field.

GreenFields 3G Baseball / Softball product options

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