3G Multi Sports Pitches for football, rugby or hockey

Multi Sports Pitches

Filled performance systems are well known in the industry as 3G-systems. GreenFields offers a wide range of 3G turf products for multi sports purposes, with sand & performance infill only, and with an elastic layer or shock pad, to build the perfect system for each application.

The properties of the individual components of a turf system are not a measure of performance. It is not just the turf, or the infill or the shock pad. The quality of a synthetic turf system is determined by the know-how to combine the individual elements into a total system. At GreenFields, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to continually improve all the elements of a synthetic turf system. Your design is based upon evaluation of the local data provided by our sales partner, engineers, and the customer. Each design ensures precision for the installation of surrounding elements, the drainage system, the sub-base construction, and the turf system.

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