4G pitch

Pitch Construction

The next generation of artificial turf "4G" with a simplified system design; the non-filled systems have a performance thatch layer of artificial turf fibres which replaces the performance infill. These systems are especially suitable for soccer, multi-use & community pitches.

The Difference Between a 3G and 4G Pitch

When looking at developing a new synthetic pitch for football or rugby the terms 3G pitch and 4G pitch are often used referring to third generation and fourth generation pitches. 4G pitches have not to date been officially graded as new technology, and as such 3G pitches are the only recognised and approved surfaces by both FIFA and World Rugby.



Infill requirement to maintain upright fibres and maximise safety

Additional fibre content negates the requirement for infill

Recognised by professional bodies and pass FIFA and World Rugby testing standards

No pitches have yet to date been officially accepted by professional bodies nor do they

meet FIFA or World Rugby testing standards

GreenFields offers both tufted and woven options.

    GreenFields offers both tufted and woven non infill surfaces, and our R&D team is   
    currently developing these further with the aim of passing FIFA and World Rugby tests

    so that they can officially be called 4G pitches

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