Case story

PEC Zwolle - Dutch Premier League

Zwolle, The Netherlands

Location: Zwolle, Holland

Product: GreenFields MX

Date: Summer 2012

Project Description:

Dutch Premier League club, PEC Zwolle re-entered the league in 2012 with a brand new high-tech artificial pitch. The club chose our elite woven product- GreenFields MX produced using a patented 3D weaving technique and developed to look and feel just like natural grass.

The artificial grass fibres used have already clearly proven their worth and the players claim that the innovative technique for producing grass clumps makes the turf perform just like natural grass. Not only that, but the field looks fantastic! A group of players trained on various fields and this type of turf was the one ultimately chosen.

Edward van Wonderen, General Director PEC Zwolle

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