Innovative shockpads for synthetic sports turf surfaces

Pitch Construction

TenCate Ecocept is a multi-functional sports layer, paved directly onto the sports pitch foundation. The core of Ecocept development is to improve sports performance, safety and longevity. 

Ecocept meets sports’ governing body and international standards, including FIFA, World Rugby, RFL, FIH, GAA, EN, DIN and ISO.

Enhanced and more consistent performance
Turf systems using Ecocept demonstrate enhanced and more consistent performance values when installed, and over the life of the field. The flexible design combination of the Ecocept layer makes it suitable for traditional filled and non-filled applications and for a range of sports. The composition and thickness can be tailor-made, based upon the specific requirements of the project.

The impact absorption of Ecocept is area elastic, rather than point elastic, providing a good balance between excellent critical fall heights (HIC), shock absorbency and energy return to the user. Due to the composition of the layer, as its thickness is increased to provide improved structural support to the base, the performance requirements are not adversely changed like a traditional e-layer.

Ecocept integrates seamlessly with GreenFields synthetic turf systems, enhancing biomechanical properties and it can be used with all GreenFields turf systems for the full range of sporting applications.

Ecocept is unique for its ability to precisely control sports performance properties and provide structural base support whilst recycling old turf fields.

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