23 Jan 2019

The Difference Between a 3G and 4G Pitch

Tags:Football · Rugby

In your search for a new artificial football or rugby pitch you may hear the term 4G pitch being used by other clubs and even some companies with comments like “our new 4G pitch is the best!” or “offering the latest 4G sports turf technology.” Whilst claims are made that this type of technology does exist in the market, 4G pitches are not yet a reality and have not to date been officially recognised by sports governing bodies, as such 3G pitches are the only approved surfaces by both FIFA and World Rugby. 

A 3G pitch otherwise known as a third generation pitch requires infill in order for the fibres to remain upright and to maximise playability and safety. In comparison a 4G or fourth generation pitch has additional fibre content and would negate the requirement for infill. However, as mentioned above despite the development of such 'non infill' 4G pitches none of these surfaces have been officially accepted by professional bodies nor do they pass FIFA or World Rugby testing standards. 

3G pitches are the latest surface options that do pass these crucial industry standards and they offer a natural, durable playing solution for clubs and educational establishments. GreenFields is both a manufacturer and installer of 3G pitches and can help support you in making the right product choice for your new sports pitch. GreenFields offer tufted and woven 3G pitches as well as tufted and woven non infill surfaces. Our Research & Development team are currently in the process of developing these non infill pitches further with the aim that they will pass FIFA and World Rugby tests and officially be labelled as 4G pitches.

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