31 May 2019

Rugby Pitch Dimensions


If you are considering the installation of a new rugby pitch at your ground it is important to consider the dimensions of your planned pitch. World Rugby has official recommendations for the dimensions of rugby pitches.

Full guidance from World Rugby is available here but we have summarised this in some notes below:

- The field of play must have a max length of 100m and a min length of 94m from try line to try line.

- Each in-goal can have a max length of 22m and a min length of 6m and the width of the pitch can be 70m max and 68m minimum.

These measurements can be further described as follows:

- 70m is from the inside of the touch in goal line to the inside of the touch in goal line

- 100m excludes the goal line

- The 22m in-goal includes the goal line but excludes the dead ball line

The length and breadth of the playing area are to be as near as possible to the dimensions indicated in the image below in order to comply with World Rugby Laws of the Game Law 1 – The Ground. All pitches should be rectangular in shape.

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Download Purchasing Guide

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