15 Jul 2019

MUGA Fencing

A MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) allows you to use one surface to play different sports. The type of fencing selected to accompany your new MUGA can vary. Some facilities may opt to have multiple MUGAs within one main enclosed area. In this case we would advise perimeter fencing around the whole facility with lower fencing between each MUGA to distinguish separate play taking place.

Fencing options include weld mesh and rebound fencing with weld mesh offering a cost-effective, highly adaptable and popular fencing choice. Rebound fencing includes additional horizontal wires welded into the lower twin bar panel for enhanced safety, strength and durability for high impact ball games such as hockey.

Spectator rails can clearly define adjacent MUGA playing areas offering a viewing area and ensuring safer play. The cheaper but less durable option of sports net fencing can also be utilised for facilities looking to effectively separate their MUGA pitches from one another.

If you would like to discuss your MUGA fencing options in more detail, please contact us. To find out more about the different MUGA surfaces available click here.

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