8 Jun 2015

XtraGrass pitches for Vitesse GelreDome stadium and training facility

Dutch football club, Vitesse, is having a new pitch laid at its home stadium, the GelreDome, as well as at its Papendal training facility. The prestigious Arhnem club came fifth in the 2014-15 Dutch Eredivisie. The club elected for revolutionary hybrid natural grass pitches, XtraGrass™, which will be laid during the season’s Summer break.


To be able to compete in elite sports, you need to have the very best facilities available. Our pitch at the GelreDrome last season left something to be desired. As a leading club, we can benefit hugely from a world-class natural grass pitch. GreenFields will now provide us with that pitch, which represents an important step towards securing our future and achieving our ambitious but wholly realistic objectives as a professional football club.

Joost de Wit, General Manager Vitesse

XtraGrass is a natural grass pitch, enhanced with a woven artificial grass backing. The proportion of natural grass to artificial grass in the pitch’s composition is 90 per cent to ten percent, respectively. The hybrid XtraGrass system is an innovation by GreenFields, part of Royal Dutch materials technology enterprise, TenCate.

This latest generation of hybrid natural grass pitches is distinguished by its durability, evenness and stability, while successfully meeting the high standards of playability expected from natural grass football pitches at the game’s highest level.

In addition, Vitesse’s training facility, Papendal will also have an XtraGrass™ pitch installed for use by the first eleven. Preparations are already underway on the main training pitch at Papendal for the laying of a GreenFields® MX artificial grass pitch; the newest edition of the woven artificial grass system. 

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