20 Apr 2016

Great Reviews for UCLan's 3G Evolution Pitch

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), one of the largest universities in the UK is thrilled with their new Evolution XQ 60 Elite playing surface installed by GreenFields.

“The pitch looks fabulous! It has received fantastic reviews and feedback already, the players feel it is one of the best 3Gs they have ever played on: true ball roll and bounce and no burns.”

Jan Peace, Manager, UCLan Sports Arena

After a challenging winter for our installation team the pitch was completed just before Easter in time for one of the university’s annual major competitions. Keen to see what the new pitch had to offer, the university’s teams wasted no time donning their sports boots and playing their first matches on the elite surface.

The £12 million Sport Arena’s new Evolution XQ 60 Elite pitch provides the perfect playing surface for multi sports with a high rate of usage. Football, rugby and American football are now being hosted on the pitch, which utilises TenCate XQ™ Technology to provide not only a plush green appearance but also exceptional split resistance and sliding friendliness and resistance.



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